Career Bio for Entertainment Journalist Chuck Taylor

"Words Neatly Arranged"
* 30+ years as a career journalist
* More than 2,000 published articles and interviews
* Billboard magazine writer/editor/critic/columnist
* Grammy voting member

* Award-winning journalist for Spot News & Feature Writing, SPJ
* Published BMI songwriter
* On-air DJ WWOD/Lynchburg, Va., Host Billboard Radio 

   Countdown for 8 years
* Voiceovers, commercials: "That guy has a macho, commandeering voice!"
* Established media commentator
* Artist CD liner notes and career bios by the dozen (including Celine Dion, 

'N Sync, Backstreet Boys)
* Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

* Freelance writer: Words Neatly Arranged, LLC
* No relation to Converse All-Star sneakers: “I’m the other Chuck Taylor.”

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